About Us

Dragon wealth group strives to be a global leader in international wealth creation and management for private and intuitional clients

Our dedication is to service absolute.

Dragon wealth will endeavor without fail to maintain our position as a market leader innovation and ingenuity we are continually broadening our global reach , not only by entering new markets, but by expanding and improving our service we provide in those markets where dragon wealth is already active

The core of our business is logistics , trading real estate business , i.t solution , restaurants and supermarkets building our own solid foundation in Asia , dragon wealth is rapidly expanding around the globe , main office locate in Philippine and branches located in Singapore, japan, Taiwan,Macao,Thailand, Cambodia.We are actively preparing to enter the Chinese market, welcome Chinese talents to join.

Company Size:More then 10,000 employees (globe)

The headquarters office:Mandaluyong,Philippines

Founded :1965

What We Offer

Our company are capable in designing, programming and conduct user experience testing. From structure UI/UX designing, program coding, project management to software testing & debugging. We are able to offer you an unique and customised system, so that you could focus on your business operations while having your business leap forward with the help of new technologies.

Why Us

In Resourceleap, we seek a mutual benefiting relationship with our client in hope of maintaining a proactive long-term partnership. In order to achieve the goal, we structured our company to ensure the working processes are flexible and transparent throughout all levels.

We also have a team of experience and dedicated engineers whom work closely with each other. We are committed to ensure you succeed in your business IT restructuring.